About My Blog

This is a personal blog which serves as my online diary.

I write mostly about my personal experiences, few adventures, some discoveries and sometimes work tales.

I try to keep this blog positive most of the time but there will be rants here and there from time to time.

Please note though that the contents of this blog does not reflect my whole life. This is just about 5-10% of me. There are still a lot of things that I keep offline. I only write about things that I can comfortably share in cyberspace.

You are welcome to comment but I hope you keep it constructive.

Again, welcome and hope you enjoy your stay!

Random facts about me

  • I am a full-blooded Igorot from Baguio City Philippines
  • I grew up in a family whose main source of income is gardening
  • Left my hometown to explore the corporate world in the bigger city of Metro Manila
  • Bookworm in my younger years, blog hopper these days, and going back to books again recently
  • Conquered some mountains in the past but I am loving my couch more these days
  • Passionate about personal finance no matter how many times I stray from my budget hehehe.
  • I love to travel when budget and time permits.
  • Interested in freelancing and entrepreneurship
  • I am not a domestic diva
  • I procrastinate and I hate it but still do it again anyway.
  • I practice living with a grateful and happy heart these days. Enough with too much drama, living in the past, and worrying especially about things that have not happened yet.

Contact Information

For any inquiries about anything on this blog, you can email me at sayotekingdom@gmail.com

If you want to know about my professional portfolio, everything is at https://myleneroman.com.

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