Happy birthday to myself!

Anyway, when I was still at the hospital, a friend asked me if I was afraid of what happened to me. I said no. And that is an honest feeling.

But here’s the thing. Towards the end of October last year, I spent 2 nights crying out to the Lord. The first night, I cried to HIM all of my worries, problems, wishes that were not yet granted. Let’s just say, I unloaded all my rants hehe. The following night, I felt more peaceful, maybe because of the unloading that happened the previous night. My prayer that night then was for the Lord to just help me live with peace in my mind and heart. And that not my will or my dreams or my wishes be done, but His will be done.

Since then, I felt lighter and more at peace. No joke. I was generally happier because I felt lighter. And I would like to believe that this was the Lord’s way of preparing me for what has happened in January. When I first learned about the surgery, there might be a faint short instance of why me Lord, but then I was more focused on how to move on and get done with the surgery. 

Na-share ko lang naman hehe.

Anyway, cheers to the next year and excitedly awaiting what the Lord has prepared for me.