Part 5

I was prescribed antibacterial medicines for 6 days, and Paracetamol to take when the pain isn’t bearable, which I didn’t need to take as the pain was tolerable.

Daily care for the wound was to clean it with alcohol and change the dressing and observe if a pus forms in any part of the wound. 

February 7, 2023

This was my first follow up checkup. No biopsy results yet. I was hoping to get the results this day so that I can already move forward but nada. Anyway, I asked the doctor why my right abdomen still felt numb like it was still under the anesthesia. He said that some nerve endings were damaged because of the wound.

The doctor removed some of the staples in my wound. Yes, my wound was stapled, instead of the usual thread used to close wounds.

He prescribed Neurobion vitamins this time to help with my nerve recovery. I will take it for 3 months. I mentioned that I’m not taking any other vitamins like Vitamin C and he said it is ok.

February 14, 2023

Next follow up. The biopsy results are in. Finally! Diagnosis: Angiomyolipoma with microvessel thrombosis. Non-cancerous according to Doc. Thank you Lord!

The rest of the staples in my wound and the JP drain were removed. I’m finally grenade free hehe.

I was advised to return after 6 months for a routine check – so there will be some lab tests and ultrasounds again.

No mention of foods that I cannot eat but my general guideline now is: everything in moderation, no sugary drinks (just water, black coffee with Equal Gold as sweetener), no sweets (cake, bread, pastries, candies, chocolates), lesser salt in viands (so kahit mga kasama sa bahay, kasama na sa less salt ko hehe), less frozen foods and canned goods, no junk foods. In short, mostly vegetables and unprocessed meat, fish and poultry. Kahit gusto ko ng tinapa, I avoid it na kasi di ko alam gaano karaming asin and other preservatives ang nilagay sa kanya. 

Pasaway pa rin naman ako minsan hehe. But if I want to eat those I should be avoiding, I take only a little portion. Kunwari, dati kaya kong ubusin ang 1 bar ng chocolate in 1 day or in 1 sitting pa nga. This time, 1 small piece na lang. Nung February 14, bumili kami ng brazo de mercedes to celebrate Valentine’s plus the good news about my biopsy. I tried eating yung normal amount na kinakain ko pre-surgery but di ko kinaya in fairness haha. So ganon now in terms of food. And sana mapanindigan ko so that I get good results in August hehe.

Life after surgery

I needed help getting in and out of bed almost the whole of February. I can if I try harder but I was just paranoid that the wound will open hehe. But the feeling when lying down or getting up was also off. It’s as if my internal organs are being rearranged every time I move. It may be because of the freed up space. I’m not sure haha.

And so most days of February are tunganga diaries days. I started watching a CDrama but I did not continue it. I however watched a lot of short videos hehe. 

I started moving more this March. I avoided not asking for assistance anymore. I reheat my food, I bathe and change clothes alone, pretty much back to doing things for myself. It’s tiring to this day but it’s bearable.

I went around town alone on March 7, then met with the hubs in the afternoon. It was the first time I did a lot of walking hehe. It was tiring, I was slow but at least I did not collapse hehe. 

This March, I started reading again. As in basa ng non-fiction book. And so I was done reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. I just tried to nourish the brain. Thankfully, my brain was able to process and understand most of what I read. Memory is another thing though hehe.

My plants’ soil has dried up and as a remedy, I soaked them just so all of the soil in the pot gets wet. I started doing this mid-March and I’m not yet done haha. Matatapos naman ata ako this March haha. Paunti-unti lang kasi. And only the smaller pots because I shouldn’t be carrying anything heavy yet. How heavy? According to Google, carry only a maximum of 5 lbs, so that’s around 2 kilos. 

Maybe 2 or 3 days ago, I think the nerves are starting to come back, hence, some parts of my abdomen started becoming more sensitive, like if my abdomen is crunched a little, it feels a slight pain. This is new to me and I am still observing it. But overall, I think all’s good.

And so, this ends my hospital saga. I am excited for my birthday tomorrow. I consider my life after surgery as my second one, so tomorrow will be my second life’s first birthday hehe. Is the thought messy? Basta ganon haha!

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