Part 4

January 26-30, 2023

The doctors were just waiting for my bodily functions to be back to normal – urinate, poop, ability to eat, walk and all that jazz before discharging me. My catheter was removed 2 days after surgery. I still had the JP drain attached to me. JP stands for Jackson-Pratt, but we refer to it as a grenade for easier recall because the bulb looks like a grenade hehe.

HOWEVER, on Thursday, my stomach was making all sorts of sounds. It was not aching but it feels like little creatures were running there all the time. Plus my poop became a mucos-type clear liquid. This is later on referred to by the nurses as mucoid. The doctor said to observe first, I was just eating crackers and drinking water and sometimes gatorade. But since there was no improvement on Friday, I was given Loperamide and the doctor ordered for a fecalysis. Turns out that there was bacteria. Susko naman sumingit pa. Anyway, they just gave me some meds for that.

My wound was healing well though. There were no signs of pus. The doctor even tried to squeeze it lightly but no pus came out, thank you Lord. Also, the wound itself wasn’t painful. Not sure if pain meds last longer these days. But I was glad that I didn’t have to suffer pain while dealing with stomach issues. It was just harder to move around and get into and out of bed of course. My bed was always in upright position because I found it uncomfortable when I tried lying down. Sometimes, I would even nap sitting down in the chair than in the bed because I found that more comfortable hehe.

Anyway, I could have gone home on Sunday but banks and the Billing section were closed so I needed to spend another night.

Come Monday, all doctors agreed to my discharge and so I was able to go home after 10 long days in 2 different hospitals. 

Thank you, BGHMC for taking care of me. I don’t like to go back though hehe.

Up next: post surgery life

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