Part 3

January 23, 2023

After I was discharged at BMC, we went straight to BGHMC. The admission took a while. I had to stay at the Trauma ward but preps already started – CBC, X-Ray, interview by different doctors. Results showed that my hemoglobin was below the normal level so I needed 2 bags of blood transfusion (we were asked to reserve 6, 4 of which were used during the surgery). I had several needle pricks because the nurse can’t find a vein that is big enough for an adult needle. He said that they need to insert the biggest needle because I am undergoing surgery, hence the big needles will allow for faster transfusion of whatever it is that they need to go through my veins. The smaller ones won’t work. Anyway, he successfully found one, still not the best but enough for the blood transfusion. 

While waiting for my transfer to the ward, I messaged one friend of things she needs to tell my family to check and settle in case I don’t make it. I also messaged my husband who was beside me that time haha. I can’t get myself to speak because I didn’t want to be emotional and I was avoiding all sorts of extreme emotions so that my blood pressure doesn’t shoot up. Deadma sya haha. Well, ayaw din maging emotional haha. I did this not because I was being pessimistic. I just wanted to be realistic since this is a surgery and there’s a possibility that complications may happen.

Anyway, after almost 4 hours, I was wheeled to our ward. I was planning on getting some sleep but can’t because the blood flow stops and I have to call the nurse. I have to complete the 2 bags before my surgery at 6 AM. 

January 24, 2023

By 5:30 AM, the nurses were already prepping me. The nurse said my nails should be short haha. They were a bit long. Good thing she was able to borrow a nail cutter. I don’t even know who owns it. Thanks anyway.

I was wheeled to the operating room at 6 AM. The medical team was already there and started right away. I was asked to crunch because the anaesthesiologist will start injecting my lower spine. I felt numb immediately. The urologist arrived at this point so we exchanged a few words and then BAM! I lost consciousness hehe.

That surgery gave me almost a foot of cut in my abdomen, from the center towards the right side, and a small incision in my neck for the central line for IV. They had to resort to this because I don’t have veins in my arms that’s suitable for surgery. 

My first memory after surgery was that I heard my doctor saying that it might be the tube that was causing me discomfort. I guess I was trying to remove it. And then went back to sleep hehe.

The next time I woke up, I remember the doctors telling me that I was intubated but I was breathing on my own. The vent was one of those “just to be sure” things. And since I had a tube, I had to stay in the recovery room for 24 hours. The tube wasn’t comfortable at all. Sometimes I would move it a little so that I could breathe easier. The nurse would always be alarmed when I’m holding it and remind me not to remove it hehe. I won’t. I just need to move it a bit. Sorry na. I would fall asleep for 30 minutes and then stay awake for at least 2 hours before sleep engulfs me again. It was the longest night of my life so far. 

The other problem with having the tube is that I get gassy easily. It helps when I burp or fart but it doesn’t happen often. The nurse suggested putting NGT on me so that there’s an outlet for the gas. I didn’t want to at first because in my mind, it’s another tube insertion but after an hour, I asked for it hehe. Well, true enough, it aided the gas problem.

January 25, 2023

I was battling with gas problems at dawn. I was always looking at the clock, wishing for it to be morning already. 

Finally at around 8:30 AM, the pulmonary doctor made her rounds and I pleaded with her to please take away the tube hehe. Yes, pleaded because I cannot already control my thoughts. I remembered that for the first cases of COVID, the patients were intubated. Again, I don’t like any thoughts and feelings that might disrupt my blood pressure so I had to make an effort to stay calm. But the tubes were making me feel otherwise hehe. BUT I still had to wait for another hour or two maybe before the tube was finally gone. I almost cried huhu hehe.

Anyway, after the removal of the tube, I still had to be on oxygen for some time to help my lungs adjust. I’m not sure how they measured it but I was off the oxygen after about an hour. 

It was only then that the nurse went to my niece to get water for me. That’s the only time she learned that I’m still alive after surgery and informed my husband right away. According to him, he heaved a big sigh of relief after hearing the news hehe. Well, they were informed when the surgery was done and that I was transferred to the recovery room. But no updates while I was at the recovery room hehe.

I was wheeled back to my ward in the afternoon. What a relief to be out of the recovery room!!!

Up next: remaining days at the hospital.

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