I wrote this on a piece of paper the night after I got back from the hospital. Hospitalization story on the succeding posts.


Today is Tuesday, January 31, 2023. Time is around 7 PM when I started writing this. I got discharged from the hospital yesterday. This is me trying to write if I still can. TYL I still can. Si jusawa ay busy magrearrange sa sala. Trip trip uli.

Anyway, back to the hospital saga. It hasn’t sanked in just yet that I went through all of those. Maybe I’ll preoccupy myself in the coming days writing about it both in paper and on my blog. at least I will have something to do to while away the time.

For now, i just want to thank the Lord that I still woke up this morning. I will take one day at a time in this time of uncertainty.


Present time: of course the writing in paper and on this blog did not happen hehe.