Hello blog. It’s been a while.

Anyway, I have a story.

Last Tuesday, May 31, 2022, the dog of my niece for some reason was able to go inside the duck pen. I only realized what happened when I heard the commotion. When I went to check, Dash, one of the ducks flew out of the pen maybe because of panic. She’s nowhere to be found in the backyard. We went down to my cousin’s garden to look for her but to no avail. I was sad and pissed so I grounded the dog and had him tied hehe.

We were hoping the duck would find her way home the next day but no duck came back.

On Thursday, during my husband’s day off, he went down the garden. He messaged me that he saw the duck but it flew to the creek. I immediately followed him as fast as my heavy self could allow me. We went down the creek and we saw the duck sitting on top of a rock. The hubs tried to chase but the duck got lost. The rocks are slippery so it’s also hard to move fast. Sigh. The hubs checked on the creek up until the next property but no duck in sight.

Defeated, we just decided to go home and accept that the duck is gone and hope that if someone picks her up, she is taken cared of.

On the way home, we had to detour to an unused path (this is where we used to run around as children but it really is unused now) because a cow is along the usual path. While traversing the unused path, I slid and unfortunately rolled down like a sack of potato :(. I stayed on the ground for a few seconds and I was about to cry because I was tired chasing the duck, we haven’t caught her, and now I rolled. This is my first time to roll. I slid a lot in the past, but roll? No. However, hubs was with me and, well, poise hahahaha. I got up and checked on myself for broken bones and bruises. There were none. When the hubs ensured that I was ok, he said I need to diet hahahahaha! I diverted his attention and asked him to move along so I can show him the bamboo area hahaha!

Unfortunately, at night and the next morning, my right side which landed when I rolled was hurting. I have a hurting knuckle as well and a bruise on my leg. Sigh. Things we do for our animals. I didn’t know I would get attached to these animals when I only feed them twice a day. I was seriously sad when we did not catch her.


Dash the duck came back! Ha! I was in the middle of writing this blog when my niece came to the room holding a duck and asking if it was our lost duck. It is indeed Dash, our duck.

My niece saw her inside the chicken pen at my parents’ home. She said an uncle put it there. Ironically, this uncle owns the cow that was the cause of our detour the other day that’s why I rolled. But yeah forget that! I’m so happy that our duck is back haha! I feel like a happy mama because her teenage kid comes home after days of outing with friends haha.

And so, I leave you with this video of the ducks’ reunion.

And our photo by the bamboo during our prenup shoot in 2018 hihihi.