And just like that, May is here. I feel that April went by fast. And so, let me just summarize my April here.

  • I finally updated my site after months of not touching it since my website hosting provider updated it to use the WordPress Divi Builder. I was overwhelmed with the new look and the Divi Builder so I did not have the courage to even attempt to  study it. But thankfully, one of my assignments in my Digital Marketing training is to put up a website, hence I was forced to work on it. Suffice to say that after hours and hours of tinkering, I was able to update it to something that is decent enough hehehe. And I’m not anymore intimidated by the Divi Builder. Not an expert but I can now find my way around hihi. So, welcome to!
  • I planted pechay, beans, sayote and strawberries in the vegetable garden after too many delays. We will harvest pechay in a week or two.
  • it was the hubs’ follow up checkup last April 21. Hello still, maintenance meds.
  • Tried asking for medical assistance at DSWD and thank God, we were granted. Enough for 1 month worth of meds. We can try again after 3 months as per our ninang who accompanied us.
  • Saw my cousin who works at DSWD. I forgot he works there when there are projects. Good to see him again after maybe more than a year? Not sure. He’s a dad now. 
  • Hubs and I attended the funeral mass of one of our godparents. I’ll have a separate short post about her.

Thank you, April and hello, May. May the force be with you, self.