Random thought tonight. I just remembered that this year will be the 9th year my husband and I met but not formally introduced hehe. That was in May 2013. Almost a decade next year.

This year will be the 7th year we got together as a couple in July.

It will be our 4th wedding anniversary in December.

Time indeed flew fast. Sometimes I wish that there is a pause button. But there’s none, so we gotta do what we gotta do. Make the most of each day. If we fail, we get up and try again.

And i guess it’s time to update my first post in 20u16 about my current relationship when I did a 30-day blog challenge.

Still thankful for the Lord’s grace and mercy through the years.

And speaking of the challenge, hmmm, I think I want to do another one today. Let’s see if I can find a nice challenge for 2022.

Good night for now.