Starting off by being grateful that I got out of 2021 alive. Haha!

2021 was full of bumps after bumps. It started with the hubs’ health scare. We spent Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021 in different hospital emergency rooms for different causes. The hubs has been on medication since then.

On the hubs’ birthday, on our way to town to eat out, we were asked to join a meeting at the barangay hall because a family apparently is claiming a land area that included ours. Sus ginoo. It was all new to me, hence it brought too much havoc to my inner peace. I would feel nervous everyday. I was always paranoid and would always check if there are strangers in our area. Even after they were denied by the barangay officials, it was still not a comfortable time. Hopefully, they’re done for good.

The second half of the year greeted us with yet another health challenge. The hubs had cough and colds but was cured right away. I was unfortunate though. I had severe coughing and for almost a month. I lost my voice mid month and fully regained it back to normal after 1.5 months.

It was also in July that we lost my mother-in-law. I cannot take it out of my system the guilt of not being able to be with my husband during the wake and funeral as I was too weak to travel. It still bothers me sometimes until now.

We also lost our furbaby in December, only two months after being with us. Iniyakan ko yun. And di ko madalas iyakan ang mga alagang hayop.

But wait, there’s more. Something happened on Christmas Day na nakakabwisit din naman talaga. Not yet a closed book but hopefully soon.

And there’s the struggle of adjusting to married life, 3 years down the road. True pala ang sinabi ng isang mother noon. Everyday is adjustment day.

Because of these, my 2021 was yet another unproductive year as it brought so much chaos to me. I wanted to start my freelance journey but I don’t know. I just didn’t have the energy and focus to do so.

BUT still thankful for all that 2021 brought, both ups and downs. I will leave everything negative in 2021 and take with me all the lessons (if I remember it) in the future. I will strive hard to be more positive, hopeful and productive this 2022. Mahirap pero sana makayanan. Sana makabangon agad pag nadadapa. So help me God.

Cheers to 2022!