Another grocery round up. This may be the week with the most groceries so far since I started posting in September.

Grocery_10102021 (1)
↑ Nagpabakuna. Nagkaroon ng excuse mag chips :p. Around Php 150.00
Grocery_10102021 (2)
↑ Assorted bread – long john and ube buchi from the bakeshop along Session Road na may masarap na long john pero bihira kong madaanan hence, bumibili ako everytime mapadaan ako don and IF meron pang mabibili since the long john sells so fast! Around Php 60.00
Grocery_10102021 (3)
↑ Toilet paper for Php 115.00.
Grocery_10102021 (4)
↑ Bread bought on another day. The hubs saw the b1t1 promo for the quezo cheese when he went to the counter to pay so he got 1 set. Around Php200.00.
Grocery_10102021 (5)
↑ Cooking essentials. Around Php 450.00.
Grocery_10102021 (6)
↑ Onions, garlic and lowland vegetables. Around Php 200.00.
Grocery_10102021 (7)
↑ Pork, chicken, fish. Everything is about 6-7 kilos for around Php 2,000.00. Mostly good for 1.5-2.5 weeks.
Grocery_10102021 (8)
↑ More pang breakfast and soap. Around Php 500.00.
TeamMyRoOut_10072021 (1)
↑ The hubs and I went out on Thursday and went to Calajo Food House for brunch. Pang construction meal. May nag extra rice pa dyan haha. Around Php 500.00 including the yogurt.
TeamMyRoOut_10072021 (2)
↑ Homemade yogurt for the win! Napakasarap na nakaka-adik!
↑ Non-food but I’ll just include it here just the same. Bought some pots because the shop was on sale. Around Php 950.00 for 25 pcs white pots and 20 pcs black soft pots.

Total estimated cost for groceries (dining out and pots not included): Php 3,675.00.

Until the next grocery diary.