I thank the heavens that Covid-19 vaccination has been opened to A6 category (rest of the population) here in Baguio starting October 5, 2021.

I saw the announcement about the mayor opening the vaccination to the rest of the population but I did not see details for A6 in the vaccination schedule post. Before I slept, I browsed FB for a while and came across the updated schedule that included the A6 category. I then logged in to https://bakuna.baguio.gov.ph/ to register to obtain my QR code. And since I waited a long time for this moment, I did it on the first day it opened for the general population hehe.

I arrived at the vaccination site around 7:15 AM. By 8 AM, I can hear in the background that the vaccine team are having their briefing. By 8:15 AM, the lines started moving. I was out of the vaccine site by 9:15 AM. May baon akong snacks na di ko nakain, may baon akong book na di ko nabasa haha. Based on my estimate, I am between 300th-400th in line.

Steps in the site (based on my experience).

Step 1: Verification

You will present your QR Code, ID, and supporting documents based on your category (A6 only requires QR code generated in the bakuna site and an ID bearing a Baguio address). They will get your BP and a short interview where questions are basically what’s in the health declaration forms.

Step 2: Vaccination

For the table I was assigned to, the medical staff who administered my vaccine informed me of the vaccine I will be given (Astrazenica) and the schedule of my 2nd dose (Nov. 30). She then proceeded with the vaccine shot, and then showed me the empty syringe before throwing it. The process was done in I guess less than 2 minutes. The only downside was that the staff did not ask me whether I was left or right-handed and just jabbed my right arm hehe. But vaccine’s done and that’s what’s more important.

Step 3: Observation

You are asked to move to the observation area. Another medical staff will do a little interview about how you are feeling after being vaccinated, will discuss the expected side effects, and what to do when these are experienced. The worst but rare case he told me was difficulty in breathing wherein if you experience this, seek medical attention immediately.

Exit na after this hehe.

Kudos to SM, one of the vaccination sites in Baguio, for the orderly movement of people and to the vaccination staff for the efficient procedures.

The side effects I felt. When I got home, I was so sleepy and my body just wanted to lie down even when I was not sleepy hehe. I also had a headache. So my downtime was from Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday. I was worried it will reach until Thursday as the hubs and I need to go out but thank God, I was good by Thursday except for the jabbed arm that still hurts when touched or moved. But all’s well.

I can’t wait for my second dose!

May nag photo ops pag-uwi ng bahay. I almost forgot to take pictures. But FB reminded me that I and 2 officemates met for dinner and chikahan 4 years ago on that day and I was wearing the same shirt I wore when I got jabbed. Meaning, matagal na pero lumalaban at kasya pa rin ang shirt na yun at matanda na ako hahahaha. Kaya ko naisipang magpicture. And I thank you.

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↑  Love love love!
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↑  Peace yo!
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↑  One of the chickens who loves my plants….pinicture ko lang, wala akong balak tirisin naman hehe. Buhay pa sya.
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↑  Found the reason to buy chips. Sabi kasi nila sa office dati, celebrate small wins. Dami kong kuda. Gusto ko lang kumain ng chips haha.