Few grocery items this week.

Grocery_10032021 (1)
↑ Broccoli shoots and okra. Broccoli shoots grow from the stem even after harvesting the broccoli head. Gisa sa mantika or with garlic, masarap na. Estimated cost: Php 40.00.
Grocery_10032021 (2)
↑ These goodies were given to the hubs. Patola, malunggay, kamias, and dried fish.
Grocery_10032021 (3)
↑ Not sure if this was given by the same person who gave the vegetables above or ordered by hubs and paid for it. Ulam for several meals. Almost nakakasuya but still grateful for it as I don’t have to prepare viand for several meals haha.
MyRosKitchen _10032021
↑ Isama ko na rin ito. My 2nd time to make maja blanca but I still did not get the right firmness haha. Edible though. Suko na ako sa kanya. I just had to use up a stock of corn starch before it expires. Other ingredients bought months back din, not this week so need na talagang ubusin hehe.

Total estimated cost: Php 40.00

As in konti lang pala talaga haha.

Until the next grocery diary.