Here’s our round of groceries and shopped items this week.

Grocery_09262021 (1)
Related kwento of the rice box from the previous grocery diary. I thought long and hard how I can use the rice box. I want a legit rice box but it was too small. It would have been a perfect storage box for grocery items but the lid doesn’t open (only the white part when you slide it). And then I remember that I was able to exchange items some 2 years ago. I tried this time and the store accepted it, hence I was able to exchange it for the dehumidifier na mas kailangan ko. I only added Php 9.00 since each dehumidifier costs Php 99.00. So, goodbye rice box, hello dehumidifier!
Grocery_09262021 (2)
Veggies and 1 tray eggs. Php 280.00
Grocery_09262021 (3)
Alcohol in spray bottle (I don’t have a spray bottle that I can recycle at home) and small-sized moisturizers originally for the hubs pero ayaw naman gamitin after ako paghanapin haha. Php 150.00
Grocery_09262021 (4)
2 kilos pumice for my succulents potting mix. Php 100.00 (Php 50.00/kilo). But I found a seller selling 1 sack (approx. 20 kilos) for Php 140.00 and with delivery for a fee pa. My sis and I will order this week siguro para minsanang delivery.
Grocery_09262021 (5)
This is the first time hubs bought this much canned goods haha. Estimate: Php 350.00
Grocery_09262021 (6)
More veggies for the week. Estimated cost: Php 100.00
Grocery_09262021 (7)
Noodles naman this time ang pinakyaw ng asawa ko. For days only that we need soup especially during breakfast. Estimated cost: Php 400.00
Grocery_09262021 (8)
Bread pantawid gutom, sometimes for my lunch if wala nang leftover from breakfast and tamad na magluto ng ulam. Estimated cost: Php 80.00
Grocery_09262021 (9)
Kwentong Coke: sometime this week, the weather was so hot while I was doing work in the greenhouse. I texted the hubs na parang ang sarap mag Coke dahil sobrang init. Deadma ang lolo mo. Pero pag-uwi, may dalang wine and Coke na maliit (see pic below). Maliit lang daw at takot sa diabetes hehe. Keri naman. Pero lumipas na rin ang init so di na ako craving sa Coke so tumambay sya sa ref ng ilang araw. Siguro naprove kong di ko naman lalaklakin kung sakaling 1 liter ang bibilhin nya kaya ayan, may uwing more Coke haha. Di pa bawas yan as of this writing. Good job, self. Cost estimate: Php 140.00
Grocery_09262021 (10)
Estimated cost: Php 60.00
Grocery_09262021 (11)
Kaya hindi ko muna ininom si Coke dahil kay wine. Sweet red wine daw. Matamis din namang tunay. Estimated cost: Php 250.00
WineNight (09252021)
Wine night plus Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Gumaganon ang lola mo!

Parang walang meat and fish this week since meron pa kaming tira from last week.

Total estimated cost: Php 1,920.00

Until the next grocery diary.