Decided to blog about our usual groceries (if I remember to document weekly) because I thought that years from now, it would be nice to look back to what we usually buy. Pwede ring to note when we bought these items in case we need to remember when haha.

These are the items I got to document.

Grocery_09122021 (1)
2 liters cooking oil from the cousin’s store. Php 200.00
Grocery_09122021 (2)
Garlic and onions. A staple at Casa MyRo. Php 100.00 for both. Php 70.00 kasi talaga ang half kilo onion.
Grocery_09122021 (3)
Rainboots because the old one given by my sister already has a hole in the sole. But still can be used when not raining. The rubber slippers are for the laundry and bathroom. Php 460.00
Grocery_09122021 (4)
Grocery items from Pure Gold. Some, especially the snacks, are not staples. Around Php 660.00.
Grocery_09122021 (5)
Nagcrave rin lang hehe. Php 110.00 sa Black market.
Grocery_09122021 (6)
Watson’s. Php 780.00. Yang nail polish na yan, isa lang dapat – si Northern Lights by OMG. Kaso nakalagay kasi use in 3 ways – 1) as is; 2) use black as base; 3) use white as base kaya ayan, hanap din ng black and white haha.
Isingit ko lang. Nail polish sample. With black base on my ring finger and white on my thumb. I like the as is and white base better. Yung black kasi parang green ang kinalabasan. But still happy with this hehe.
Grocery_09122021 (7)
Hubs’ meds. The most important purchase. Php 1,800.00 for 15 days.
Grocery_09122021 (8)
Pots for my babies. White ones are Php 39.00 and black ones are Php 18 each for retail and Php 16 each for wholesale, minimum of 10 pots.

Can’t remember if hubs bought meat or fish this week.

Total estimated cost: Php 4,350.00

Until the next grocery diary.