After 48 years, I faced the task of decluttering and fixing the attic. Most of the stuff here are my books, things during my schooling (yes, elementary up until my few semesters in Master’s), things that are not used on a daily basis, and my sister’s stocks of used (ukay) clothes that she sells. This is also the area where the kids sometimes do their modules.

It took me days because I really thought about what to do with each item (either keep, throw or give away). I am happy to report that I only filled 2 small trash bags. It means that I was able to let go of a lot of things when I was still in Manila. Most of the papers that I think I don’t need anymore will be recycled so I just put them all in one area. Most of these papers are photocopies of topics way way back. There are also items that I kept for now but I know I can let go of them in the future hehe.

I had fun doing this because of all the memories specific items evoked.

Declutter_082021 (1)
The only before photo I took hehe.

After pictures!

Declutter_082021 (2)
Bookshelf 1 where I kept all the fiction books and my high school and college books in the lowest shelf. I started collecting my fiction books in 2006.
Declutter_082021 (3)
Bookshelf 2 contains non-fiction books, document envelopes and art and art and craft stuff.
Declutter_082021 (4)
Lowest part of bookshelf 3 contains papers to be recycled. Other shelves contain random items that do not have permanent homes yet. In short this is a catch all shelf for now hehe.
Declutter_082021 (6)
Corner 1. That is my old TV rack. Putting it there for now in case the bagets need space for their module.
Declutter_082021 (7)
Corner 2. Another pang module corner for the bagets.
Declutter_082021 (5)
Shop corner where the stocks are. But the shop is sleeping now. Will wake her up in October hehe.
Declutter_082021 (8)
The sister’s stocks corner beside the extra bed and mattresses.
Declutter_082021 (9)
My old cabinet (bought in 19 kopong kopong) where I keep extra pillows and blankets. Also keeping the extra foam for guests. Latag latag na lang sa sahig.
Declutter_082021 (11)
Bodega corner. Mostly big pots, Christmas decors, old monitor which I still don’t know how to dispose.
Declutter_082021 (10)
These were maybe gifts or tokens. They looked better when I washed them so I’m keeping them for now hehe.

P.S. The attic’s interior is not yet done. Please don’t judge kahit na maraming books dito. Hehe. Or penge budget :p.