August 12, 2021

It was the hubby’s day off on this day and after breakfast, he suddenly asked me where we can permanently plant the lucaria pine trees that are currently in seedling bags. He said he wanted to do it while he’s feeling industrious hehe. Ok, push. We found the spot and off we went to plant.

We got the pine tree seedlings from my brother in Tagaytay sometime in 2015 or 2016. They were just small before, less than a foot tall, and in smaller seedling bags. The other brother transplanted them to bigger seedling bags when they grew taller. We were contemplating before to just plant them in big pots so that they won’t grow tall but it would still be better if they are planted directly on the ground. We just planted 5 trees and left 2 in case we want to plant it later in a pot.

I hope they all survive and grow taller and bigger.

Lucaria_08122021 (2)
Three out of the 5 seedlings. Not too obvious because the area also needs weeding out hehe.
Lucaria_08122021 (1)
Proof that we planted these. Just in case lang.