Hello, blog. Yes, I’m still alive.

When it rains, it pours. Literally and figuratively.

Today was ALMOST rainless after more than a month of raining, 3 weeks of which non-stop because of the Southwest monsoon. That monsoon really made its presence known. Non-stop strong rains, strong winds, with howling sounds, and of course the occasional scary thunderstorms that drives you out of your wits. Tinodo naman talaga nitong si Southwest monsoon.

I was useless last July. The month started with intimate family gatherings for 1) an uncle’s 1st death anniversary; and 2) a cousin’s daughter’s christening where I was one of the godparents. It was good to be reunited with relatives whom we haven’t seen in a while. I had a blast.

However, come July 4th, I was feeling a bit under the weather. I took a rest for 2 days to allow myself to recover. On July 6, I was feeling better so I did the laundry. However, from July 7 onwards, the fever was back. It stayed for almost a week. And then came the cough which made it difficult for me to sleep lying down. Every time I lie down, the cough doesn’t stop. There were nights that I had to sleep sitting down, or wait until I was too sleepy before I lie down in the hopes that sleep will win over cough. I was crying some nights out of frustration because I just wanted to sleep since my body needs it to recuperate but I can’t. What’s amazing though was that I did not feel tired at all even though I lack sleep. A week after coughing and consuming all sorts of cough medicines, I lost my voice. And until now, it’s still hoarse, but at least I am not whispering anymore. I was feeling a bit normal when August rolled in, except for my voice. And so I started doing more household chores again. Thank you, Lord. Boses na lang po talaga.

But wait, there’s more. The hubby was sick too! He started feeling unwell few days before me. He also had an annoying cough and he feels weak. He got a little better so he had to take over the household. But then again, another but!

Unfortunately, my mother in law passed away last July 10. The hubs went home twice, one during the wake until the burial and another for the 9th day novena. This was the saddest part for me. I was at the peak of my sickness. I didn’t have the energy to comfort him and be with him during those times. He was hoping I could come with him for the 9th day novena but I can’t. MIL is in Ilocos Sur. You have to walk at least an hour (or more for me) to reach the place. We didn’t want to risk it as I was still weak. But I so wanted to go. Hay. Sorry MIL.

During the days that my husband was away, it was my niece who did some errands for me. I am thankful for that.

So there. It was a rainy July both literally and figuratively, but at least we survived. Thank you, Lord.