I bought a new toy in the form of a laptop. It was an unscheduled expense but it is I think the best option at the moment.

My niece needs to go home-based as it is the best setup for them (siblings) after losing their mom. We checked the prices and her limited budget can only buy a laptop with lower specifications. While it was fine, I was not comfortable about it because I tried using similar laptops and I wanted to throw it every time haha. I talked with the husband if I can just donate my current laptop to my niece (instead of selling it to her at bargain price) and we buy a new one so that we can at least choose one with decent specifications. And he agreed, thank God. But it means, I owe our bank account some moolah too haha.

And so the purchase of a new laptop. It’s just ironic that I was bent on buying either ASUS or HP but not Lenovo but ended up buying Lenovo haha. No offense to Lenovo. It’s just that my old laptop was Lenovo and most of the laptops issued to me in my previous work were also Lenovo so I wanted to try other brands. But it was Lenovo that met the specifications I was looking for haha. Oh well.

I also bought a subscription for Microsoft Office Personal that is good for 1 year. There’s a lifetime subscription but it only has Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I think I need Outlook in the meantime that’s why I went for Personal. If I don’t use Outlook in the next 12 months, then I can just switch to the lifetime subscription. Since I plan to go freelance, I want licensed applications to be installed in my laptop just to be safe hehe.

I think I’m good with all the applications I installed. The laptop is truly ready for use.


↑Hello again, Lenovo. The RAM was only 4GB so I added 8GB. No regrets! I’m loving the speed! I can feel the difference with my old laptop that has 4GB RAM hehe.


↑Team MyRo’s new toy 🙂


↑My subscription for the next 12 months.