August 20-26, 2018

This was another wedding errands week, thanks to the sandwiched holiday last August 21. I took a leave from work last August 20 so that the BF and I can attend to some wedding related tasks.

On August 20, we went to Divisoria for h2b’s suit fitting. I have researched for Divisoria suppliers prior going there. I got one from the Girltalk forum. I communicated with her via FB chat prior the visit and it turned out well, therefore I decided to just book her service.

RM1 (08202018)

↑Shopping shopping din pag may time.

On August 21, we went to Makati for our rings. Again, I learned about this supplier in the Girltalk forum. Yes, that’s my go-to forum hehe. I also communicated with the owners via FB chat prior going there to make sure that they would be available to accommodate us on this day. I have a general ring design but I am open to other designs that we may like in their display. After deliberating, the h2b and I agreed on a design. It was his choice actually, but I was convinced that his choice was better than mine so I gave in haha. I am not good at anything artsy-artsy and design related so it’s really a challenge for me to decide on such things.

Together with the rings, we will be getting dummy rings and also arrhaes. Yay! The dummy rings will be used during the procession. This is to ensure that the rings won’t get lost in the process given that it will be kids who will be holding it hehe. It will be replaced with the real one by the maid of honor or best man once in front. I didn’t know about this haha.

RM1 (08212018)

↑Maaraw sa labas. Pwede ring palimos po hehe.

I went home to Baguio as well on the weekend for another round of wedding errands.

On August 25, I mett with the BFF and his brother to discuss about decoration options for the church plus boquets and corsages and buttonaires and flower girl baskets and flowers to use. Too many things to decide on nyahahaha! But at least we already have a list of options for the flowers. I just want a simple design. Nothing fancy. We also met again on Sunday for a quick occular of the church.

Still on August 25, the BFF and I went to the gowns and suits rental to supposedly finalize our options. But I had second thoughts after meeting with the handler because I flet it was expensive and I am not sure if I want to spend that much on rentals. For instance, I need to add 1k per pax if the guys will be wearing suits. 1k/pax? Seriously?! When I discussed this with the h2b during our dinner the next day, he thinks it’s also expensive so we’re deferring the rental option for now and see if we can just buy in Divisoria or some shops in Baguio for a cheaper price.

On August 26, I also showed the h2b some options about cusotmized cords, bible, candles and rosary. He was shocked. San ko raw ba pinagkukuha mga yun hahahaha! Well, I got the idea about customized cords when an ex-officemate showed me their customized cords. I forgot about it actually but I came across a blog about it and that lead me to the supplier who I’ve been communicating with. And of course I saw customized candles, bible and rosary in her products so, why not chocnut? Hehe. Anyway, the h2b agreed to have some customized items and we already agreed on which designs to take based on the options given by the supplier. I haven’t placed the orders yet but will be doing that soon.

I was supposed to stay in Baguio until Monday but I cannot stand the strong rains! And so I decided to just go back to Manila on Sunday evening because I am done with my errands.

RM1 (08262018)

↑Date night first.

Wedding errands to be continued this weekend!

I am just grateful that the h2b is very helpful in our wedding preparations. He shares his opinions about things that I discuss with him. And I discuss with him all the nitty-gritty details. He is also supportive of some things I want to happen even if these are new to him hehe. I am proud to say that so far, everything that we’ve accomplished are both our choices, down to the smallest details. I hope it remains this way until we’ve crossed out everything in our list.

There are still a lot to do like my gown fitting, invites, misalettes, programs, how to decorate our small yard for the reception and so on. But we’ll cross these out one at a time SOON.

The end.

P.S. I will be sharing our suppliers after the wedding. But if someone comes across this blog and wants to know, just leave your email in the comments section and I’ll get back to you.