August 6-12, 2018

Yung totoo lang. Bakit halos kalahati na uli ng August ang natapos na? Dati naman Ber months yung mabibilis ah. Kaloka.

Anyway, last Monday to Wednesday, we had a customized English training for 4 hours each day. While English is a common language, it doesn’t hurt to still train once in a while. What I liked most is the role playing with work scenarios which we are familiar with. After the short play, we critic our performance and our teammates provide their feedback too. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to role play because of lack of time. Overall, the training was helpful because I have realized some things that I am currently doing which needs corrections.

Gosh, the non-stop rain over the weekend was crazy. Flooding all around. I hope those that were affected would be able to cope up and move on eventually.

I saw in my news feed about the garbage along Roxas Boulevard that was thrown back over by Manila Bay. When will we ever learn about proper waste disposal? Mother Nature is throwing back at us trash that we’re carelessly threw away that reached the seas. Sigh.

I also saw a video about a child who was beaten up by her step mother (as per the video). I cannot understand why other people can do that to innocent children. Why? Just why? But what hurts more is that when the kid was asked if she loves her father, she said yes even if he is hurting her too. Shame on you, adults.

Anyway, I went to the mall to quickly shop for some food for the week. And I think this is the only productive thing I did this weekend hahaha.

Have a great week ahead.