July 23-29, 2018

We attended a seminar last Thursday. It was sponsored by PMI Philippines. The venue was in Discovery Suites Ortigas so I requested the boss if I can work from home so that I can just walk to the venue in the evening hehe.

It was about Design Thinking. It was very informative for me. It usually involves a process. This is a good strategy to use for projects whose goals and methods are unknown. Startups can leverage on this method while they are not yet clear on what products to put in the market.

The weekend was spent at home playing FarmVille (yes, adik pa rin), doing some household chores and catching on sleep because for some reason, I have been going home late almost all of last week.

I was also looped in in a new account implementation. While it is still in its early stages and I cannot really relate because this is totally new to me, I will still attend the weekly meetings because this will be an added knowledge. I have always wondered how account implementations are done and here is the opportunity. Kailangan nga lang tiisin ang 12-1AM na meeting haha.Once a week lang naman so that’s fine. And I can take it at home.

Lastly, I need to remind myself that it’s only 5 months to go before December at kailangan ko na talagang i-pressure ang sarili kong kumilos-kilos na. Well, I have already ticked off a few items in my list pero sangkatutak pa ang walang check mark kaya kilos-kilos na OMG. Hehe.

The end.