Yes, I did not part ways with any cash from Money to Sunday last week. My only expenses were Grab charges for my transportation. How did that happen? It’s because I have a lot of freezer meals in the ref from the batch cooking I did the previous week hehe. So I just ate at home. And I didn’t feel hungry while in the office so no need to buy snacks. Even my stash of nuts remained untouched. My wallet is happy. I hope it will be the same case this week.

And I did not feel like going out last weekend so that was also one big factor to the no-spend week. I just stayed home and started putting together an itinerary for a trip next year. Gotta rush this task before hotels get pricier because our travel dates are not yet off-peak. I hope to complete the itinerary within this week.

It was also my mother’s 5th death anniversary last July 6. I did not go home but a club in our office is brewing something for the kids in her birthplace this weekend if weather permits. Sana Lord, para matapos na po ito. Thank you.

I can’t remember any other significant events last week and so, the end hahaha.

Have a great week ahead.