June 18-24, 2018

We had 2 more strategic planning sessions the past week. It was tiring but I was happy because we were able to finalize the resources for the rest of 2018. Everyone can now move on and focus on the projects at hand.

My friend and kumare messaged me for an invite for a simple dinner at their home last June 22. It was to celebrate her daughter’s graduation and son’s birthday. My gulay! I was shocked to learn that my godchild has already graduated. I know she took up Architecture which is a 5-year course. But now, she has graduated. Graduated. Another reminder of my age. Crap! Hahaha! But happy for her and her family! Congratulations, kiddo! Just keep on working hard for your life plans, ok?! I was not able to attend though as it was a workday.

My nephew’s graduation ceremony was also last Tuesday. Yay! Graduate na talaga sya! We had a verrrryyyy long chat that night. And I am happy to know that he already has a long list of his plans. And I kept on reminding him to also save for his retirement and for his own future. But he also has to help her sister finish school so that she has a better chance at life later on. But he has to also save for himself. And that he gets married at least in his 30s hahahahaha!

He said he has adopted some of my ways he saw when he stayed with me during his OJT. Medyo kinabahan ako. Puro katamaran lang kaya ako! Susmio itong batang ito. Sana naman piliin ng konti yung gustong i-adopt na nakita sa akin. Wag naman yung ikakapariwara nya hahahaha! But nah, I know he’ll be ok. He will struggle at some point but that is fine, as long as he’ll stand up again. That’s part of life. I pray for his success however he defines it.

And the weekend was spent in some domestic chores, a very quick grocery shopping and more FarmVille games. FarmVille. Why oh why?! Well, malapit-lapit na kitang pag-sawaan. Nakikini-kinita ko na ang cool-off soon hahahaha. Sana soon na talaga! Wala na akong ibang nagagawa. Anong petsa na. Bad, cannot be. Tama na ang 2 weeks of being a bum. Oras na para kumilos para sa, alam mo na, #12282018. Yiheee! Hahahaha!

And gosh talagang nagawa ko itong post na ito before truly ending my weekend. In fairness to me! Hahahaha! Hoefully, next week’s post will be accompanied by pictures again. Because it means that I did something else other than be a bum hehehehe.

The end. Have a great week ahead.