June 11-17, 2018

We had our part 1 strategic planning last Thursday. The whole team participated. While it was brain draining, it was good to listen and digest the kids’ inputs. It was also an opportunity to let some of them take the stage by letting them be the presenters and just be in the sidelines as backup. They were hesitant but I know it’s good for them so I insisted still hehe.

Part 2 will be for a smaller group and the output of that session will be the concrete steps we need to take especially in the area of digital transformation.

I was so happy for the 2 holidays this week. I was just a bit sad that I was not able to maximize it. But I’m still happy that what I did, even though not much, made me happy hahahaha.

On Tuesday, I did the laundry and grocery shopping. I am now loving Unimart in Capitol Commons. It’s generally cheaper, the place is clean and hopefully it remains that way. The wet section especially is clean and organized.

On Friday, I cooked all the meat I purchased last Tuesday hehehehe.

On Saturday, I just played FarmVille all day.

On Sunday, I had to go out because I need new office shoes. I don’t want to buy but my office shoes that I abused in the last 1.5 years gave up on me mid last week. I did not even notice that it was starting to deteriorate hahaha. Well, the shoe shopping was unsuccessful. I’ll try again next weekend. In the meantime, hello sandals.

What else? Oh, the nephew who stayed with me during his OJT is now graduating! Woohoooo! He can’t anymore ask for allowance from me. He has to start earning ASAP hahaha! He is inviting me but it’s a workday and I can’t take a leave that day so congratulations na lang and I’m so happy he’s finally graduating nyahahaha!

And that’s it. Have a great week ahead.