April 16-22, 2018

It was my mom’s birthday last April 20. If she was still with us, she would have been 70 years old already. I miss you, Mama. I have a lot of stories to tell and questions to ask. Kaso waley ka naman na. Anyway, keri ko ito hahaha.

I think the only other highlight of last week was that we started studying the book “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done”. So far, I’m liking this activity because I am learning a lot. Wait, it would be better if I make a summary of the things that resonated with me each week in another blog entry so everything is consolidated.

And other than that, I can’t think of any other significant update. Hala! Wala rin akong social life last weekend. I just spent the entire weekend at home doing nothing, well, sometimes playing and watching YouTube videos. Ang init naman kasi. Ang hirap kumilos hahaha. There goes my lame excuses again.

And so, the end.