March 5-11, 2018

There’s really not much last week.

At work, we were asked to do a self-study on Power BI on our own time. It’s challenging to find the time but at least, there’s something new learned after the self-study.

I learned from my brother that a cousin in the US died. Sadness. He’s still young. Well, maybe in his late 40s or early 50s but still…Naunahan pa ang nanay. At sumunod agad sa tatay who also passed away in April 2016. Sadness.

I was hoping to score a flight when Cebu Pacific had their seat sale last March 8-9 but I wasn’t lucky. The site was down the entire time I was trying. Paasa lang.

I am going home for 4 consecutive weekends starting March 16 so I booked all the needed tickets in advance, so all good on the ticket front. Pocket money na lang hehehehe.

I found an Elorde Gym near the apartment (around 20 minutes walk) but I have not yet contacted them for inquiry. Susko ang balik alindog program ko di ko pa rin talaga nasisimulan. Kamusta naman teh?!

I informed my college BFF about my December milestone and she wants to come home. Sana nga makapagbakasyon sya and her family in December! I would really want her to be there!

I was supposed to start looking for wedding checklists but I got overwhelmed with the overflowing information so I did not continue hahahaha! Next weekend na lang uli if may time. I need a hashtag though, I think. I asked 2 friends to help me with that.

And that’s really it.

Have a great week ahead.