And here I am again, delayed in posting my weekly chika.

January 29 – February 4, 2018

Picture-less because I can’t find any captures in my phone this week. So maybe except for the daily grind at work, nothing special really happened hahaha.

We just learned that our team’s new director (our boss’ boss) will be reporting to work on February 7. His boss in the US will also be coming over. This means that we needed to prepare some presentation materials. Just the basic current project updates and the pipelines for 2018.

A new project manager joined the team starting February 5 so there were some orientation tasks for me (which until now I haven’t done yet because of schedule conflicts and priorities haha). He’ll be handling the big project which has a pipeline of activities in the next 2 years, or more.

It’s also performance evaluation season so it’s time to gather and review all documentations for 2017 to ensure that these are complete. This is the thing I dread the most. But for this year, I’ll ask the boss’ help since I did not handle the people the entire 2017 haha.

I had a severe case of LBM (sorry, TMI) last Wednesday so I had to go on sick leave. Severe because I had fever at dawn on Wednesday, which was so unusual. I suspect food poisoning. Not sure which food I ate triggered it. Since it started on Tuesday, it must be something that I have eaten on Monday or even Sunday. Ironic that my love for food also causes sickness sometimes hahahaha!

The weekend was spent doing domestic chores as always.

The end.