I was fixing my desk at home when I noticed something in a box. It looks like a Mercury Drug planner or notebook. Awww, it is for me from my cousin! How sweet of her. May kasama pang love letter hehehe.


↑Planner and notebook. There is a space for each day in 2018 where you can write one liner updates. The rest of the pages are notebook type. I like it. I’ll use this for business ideas or project BD perhaps.


↑Thank you letter from my cousin for taking care of her and helping her every time she comes to Manila.

No worries baby girl. Glad to be of help. Just always remember to seek God for guidance in all the decisions that you do. Just keep on moving forward but make sure to keep both feet on the ground ALWAYS para hindi madapa hehehehe. At wag makakalimot sa pinanggalingan. Good luck and God bless.


Tita Mylene