Dear Lord,

I am getting impatient again. Impatient for Your plans for me. Impatient with the pace I am currently in.

I am sometimes disappointed with myself for not having enough courage to take risks, for always being on the side of caution, for not moving, for doing nothing at all.

I am confused and afraid of how I should tackle this thing called life.

I know I am way more blessed than others. My current problems are nothing compared to what others have. I am sorry for feeling this way.

I am restless my Lord. But I am lifting it all up to You. Please grant me the patience to wait for my next adventure which will happen in Your perfect time. Grant me the wisdom to discern my life’s purpose. Lead me to the path to the life You have designed for me. And bless me with a grateful and appreciative heart that sees all the little miracles each day. Thank you in advance for all the best that is yet to come for me, Lord. Thank you. Amen.