November 27-December 3, 2017

I have a lot of backlogs again. But let me just itemize what I recall from this week.

  • We attended a PMI tech session last November 28. There were a lot of learnings, plus of course the yummy dinner.
  • There were deaths in both sides of the family. I know both so I wanted to visit both. The uncle from our mother side’s burial was Saturday so my going home was a timing and I was able to attend it. The other uncle on our father’s side was supposed to be buried on Sunday but the family rescheduled it to Monday. At least we were able to go there on Sunday and stay for a few hours. If there is one thing I learned from losing both parents, it is this: the presence of relatives and friends really do help in comforting the bereaved family. It’s because the people who usually come are those who have been touched by a departed loved one and it’s good to hear stories about them during the wake. So I really make an effort to visit relatives and friends in times like this.
  • Work was extremely frustrating. I almost made a drastic move on Saturday because it was so stressful. I’ve had my share of stressful days but this is the worst in recent years. I was supposed to be on leave on December 4, however, starting Saturday night, we were in a call discussing an issue. We were done at 3AM on Sunday, just enough for me to get ready since the van we rented was going to pick us at 4AM as the other funeral was 3 hours away from home. I was composing emails on the way while there was still signal. In the afternoon, I was back in the call with them and stayed in the call as long as signal allowed when we were already travelling back to Baguio. I just dropped out of the call when I went to mass. I was a little guilty because this was supposed to be family time but I was too tired and sleepy to go around with my siblings. I remember I was just sleeping at my uncle’s sala the whole morning. Good thing that there were still a few people visiting in the morning haha.
  • The day’s saving grace was a very quick date night with the BF. Quick because I had to travel back to Manila because of the issues. We just went out for dinner. I was able to unwind a bit and not think about work even just for a short while.

↑Some relatives from Mama’s side.

↑Clingy much.

↑Dinner is served.

The end for this week.