Some ongoing projects for my bedroom. Still courtesy of my brother. It’s his first time to make all of these but he’s OC with his work so I don’t worry that he won’t meet my expectations.

Ok, on to the pictures.

Clothes cabinet


That’s 2 panels of cabinet. But my plan is to downsize all my clothes and everything that goes into a cabinet so that it will fit just 1 panel.


It’s just very basic. The top part is for hangers and the bottom are shelves for folded clothes. Since I have a limited space in the room, I asked my brother to make sure that the doors can overlap across on the other side, hence the reason for the multiple door panels.

Side table

Side table

My side table. I wish I can put one on each side of the bed but I don’t have a wide room so one is enough. I already saw a candle burner which also functions as a lamp in Megamall. I want that for this side table hehe.

Console cabinet

Console table

Originally, this was just supposed to be a console table but I’d like to maximize the space under so we’ll just enclose this and this is where my bags will be stored hehehehe.

I will paint these cabinets white. I want a duco finish type but we still need to research on how to do that hehe.

Other updates:

  1. Dining Table and Chairs
  2. Sofa | Side Table