Why is it more expensive this time?!

What I Spent

09242017 Batch 1

↑The pears were on buy one-get one promo. The first of the 4 pieces tastes fresh so far. I hope it’s the same with the rest.

09242017 Batch 2

↑I’m trying a vegetable smoothie for breakfast this week, hence the greens and fruits. The smoked bangus belly is the most expensive this week. I was not able to correctly identify the tag prize because there were a lot of tag prices in the freezer! But I hope the taste is worth it. I think the chicken and fish can also last until mid next week.

Healthy Options for flax seeds (not in the picture) – 245.00

Supermarket – 1,456.94

Sunday’s total is 1,701.94.

September Expenses

September 2: Php 526.28

September 9: Php 608.18

September 10: Php 1,333.15

September 24: 1,701.94

Total September spending: Php 4,169.55

I find it too expensive still. On the upside, some of the items (ex. condiments, flax seeds) are not part of a weekly purchase. Plus, that’s for 3 meals and some afternoon snacks already. If I get the average per meal (90 meals in a month, excluding snack), that’s about 46.33 per meal this month. In all fairness, I don’t recall buying food outside during weekdays since I started cooking. But still expensive I guess? Nuninuninuninu.

However, this does not include the eating out expenses hahaha! I have a separate budget for that and it’s usually for the rare weekends that I meet up with friends.