I made two trips to the supermarket last weekend because I knew I will be buying a lot of stuff and I can’t carry it all in 1 trip.

What I Spent


↑ Saturday’s food-related purchase. This costs Php 608.18 already.


↑ Sunday’s purchase batch 1. The apples were on Buy 1 Take 1 but I regret buying it because they don’t taste good anymore tsk tsk tsk. The one in white plastic is roasted chicken for this week’s packed lunches/dinners.


↑ Sunday’s purchase batch 2. Sunday’s total is Php 1,333.15. I know I spent a lot last weekend. On the upside, I think I cooked food that will last me until early next week. So to avoid spoilage, I already froze some of the meals.

September Expenses

September 2: Php 526.28

September 9: Php 608.18

September 10: Php 1,333.15