Now that I’m bringing packed lunch to the office, I need to keep track of my spending so that I get a more accurate amount on budget reallocation (aka adding more on groceries and lessen work allowance).

What I Spent

So here’s the first ever food-related grocery expense report.


The above items cost Php526.28. Yes, that much for only a few items.

The most expensive are the fruits. I need to look for cheaper fruit sellers as supermarket prices are really on the high side.

I so wanted to buy broccoli but I don’t have the heart to do so with the price of almost Php 500.00 per kilo knowing full well that it was only Php100.00 in Baguio the last time I bought. Anyway…

I sauteed the cabbage, pechay and oyster mushrooms. I roasted the carrots, squash, some onions and garlic, together with sweet potatoes (not included in the expense as my niece bought this for me).

I’m not sure whether this is enough for the week for lunch and dinner but let’s see. I still have some leftover food from last week which I’m currently consuming.

September Expenses

September 2: Php 526.28