One of the problems of my house in Baguio is that there are water leaks in the walls huhuhu. And the areas that are most affected are the walls of my room and one side of the living room because most of the time, the wind’s direction is hitting those areas directly.

And so last summer, my brother painted the exterior walls with plexibond. I am not sure if this was not available 7 years ago when I was building the house. Or maybe there was another way of water proofing done but it just did not turn out well. We are observing the improvement now So far, so good as per my brother. There were no leaks on the walls during the strong rains in June and July. So whew! I hope that permanently resolved the issue.

Cost: So far, I spent around Php 8,000.00 for the materials – 6 or 7 cans of plexibond paint and 2 or 3 bags of cement. We are not done yet with the upper part. I need to buy more.

Plexibond Painting

The upper part has no plexibond yet. Unfortunately, we used 2 different brands, hence the difference in shades. I was being OC and was asking my brother if he can repaint the lower part to make all colors the same. I’m not sure if it still can be done.