June 19-25, 2017

I am writing this almost end of this work week so I’m trying my best to remember any significant things that happened last week.

I only remember that I was and still am having a hard time juggling between 2 projects plus I am involving myself in another one because that other project is dependent on my expertise – our HR systems, and I want all requirements to be aligned with HR policies, processes and available data. OC much.

Ok, I also remember that we had vendor proof of concepts last June 21 and 22. We had it in different sites and I had a hard time focusing on my other tasks because I was not in my workstation.

I remember that my top choice of vendor since after the discovery sessions was still the same. However, they are the most expensive. Darn! Lower! Lower! Lower!

I remember saying hi to a friend via a friend’s post and it prompted her to invite me to her place for a short meet up. Another friend saw that post and requested for a breakfast meet up and so I ended up sleeping over at my friend’s place so that the other friend and I can see each other too. No regrets because our breakfast turned out to be a fellowship of sorts and reassuring one another that God is in control no matter how unpleasant our experiences are at the moment and that it is alright to ask God all sorts of questions, including those questions which to us look irrelevant but still bothers us.

I remember an unpleasant experience with the Uber driver last Friday and I have yet to report it…

I remember bumming for sometime over the weekend but also went back to my week 3 assignments for the online training I currently have.

I remember buying another domainmylenelucando.com for my online portfolio but now seriously thinking about using this as well for my blog. No final decision yet. I’ll decide once I finish the last set of videos in my training. It’s the perfect timing because my other domain is about to expire in less than a month. I’m not sure why I’m having a hard time deciding about this hahaha.

I remember sharing snippets of my love story to 2 teammates. It was awkward at first because I am a private person but it was fun after hehehe.

Those are all I remember last week. And now, it’s almost the weekend again.

Happy Friday!