Trying to post using the WordPress mobile app. 

If there is a mobile app for, there should also be one for self-hosted WordPress sites, right? Right. 

But it’s not actually a separate app. You can use the mobile app for both .com and your self-hosted site.

How? By using the Jetpack plugin. 

Here’s what I learned should be done. I’ve watched 2 tutorials in YouTube too.

  1. Download the WordPress mobile app.
  2. You should have an account in If none yet, go ahead and sign up.
  3. Install Jetpack plugin. You will do this in your self-hosted site’s admin site, and not in the site. It requires version 4 and up so update your version if needed.
  4. Activate the Jetpack plugin.
  5. You need to approve access of to your site (or maybe it’s the other way around). I cannot remember the button that shows up as per the video. In my case, I was logged in to at the time I clicked on Activate button so I was right away redirected to the Approve button. You need to approve that so that your site will be listed in
  6. When you login to the mobile app, you can now see your site, as shown below. 

I am still in the discovery phase. Like right now, I can’t find the full justify option hehe. 

But I’m glad I now have this as another way to publish my posts. 

Mobile app!