My internet connection at home has gone kaput since mid February. According to the technician who checked it, they can’t do anything about it anymore because there are a lot of obstructions aka tall buildings surrounding my apartment now, so the antenna is not getting a direct connection from the closest satellite. Hay. It is a little bit frustrating especially in times when I badly need it for work. Like today.

So since I need to check on something, I went out for dinner/work. I was targeting Starbucks at first but I know it would be full. When I passed by Pancake House and confirmed that they have WIFI, Pancake House it is. It’s just weird now because I’m the only one with laptop. The rest are all dining hehehehe. So ganito pala. Anyway, kebs.

Then I just decided that I don’t want to push through with the launch today because we still need to monitor over the weekend. Di ko man lang sya naisip bago ako lumabas at umorder. Napagastos pa tuloy ako hehehehe. Nagkukuripot kasi ako ngayon.

Anyway, at least our issue last night was fixed. So that is one less thing I need to worry about. I just need to make sure that the scheduled jobs run as scheduled, especially now that EST is switching back to DST. May impact kasi talaga ito sa system namin eh. At ang sakit lang talaga rin sa bangs ng timezone difference na ito hahaha. Nakakabaliw na nakakaloko sa totoo lang.

O sya. Done with what needs to be done. Naisingit ko pa ito. Bill out na.

Goodnight world!