February 6-12, 2017


Other than the same things, I celebrated my 14th work anniversary last February 10. My gosh, 14 years. But thank you, Lord.


A friend and I were supposed to go to The Plant & Garden Show at the QC Memorial Circle last Saturday but she had some take home work so we cancelled. I just stayed home and did some domestic chores. Some only, not all, and those that need to be done, like laundry. The rest can wait hahaha.

I also brought out my cross stitch project which I put at the back of the cabinet for years! I felt a little guilty for not diligently working on it but I’m glad I brought it out once again because I was inspired to continue doing it when I saw that I was almost done with one page of the pattern. I’m doing The Last Supper though, and it’s big so good luck to me. I’ll hang this in my hallway in Baguio. My next project is the Banaue Rice Terraces, also to be displayed in Baguio hehehe. I bought the materials years ago…and I hope to complete everything at least 1-2 years from now. Di rin kasi talaga biro ang magcross stitch sa totoo lang. And of course, kailangan din ipahinga ang mata.

After mass on Sunday, I went to the mall for some window shopping. Yung totoo talaga, gusto ko lang maglakad-lakad. Maiba naman kesa nakakulong sa bahay. Plus, I needed to buy some grocery and what else, DMC thread hehehe.

When I got tired malling, I went home and did some more cross stitching while occassionally watching TV.

Oooppsss, I would also like to share this. A friend shared it in FB. I’m interested in Poulty Production and Processing. Maraming nagsusulputang kainan kasi. For sure kailangan nila ng mga manok! Tik tik tilaok! :p


Enroll na!

I will inquire and share it here kung anuman ang nalaman ko.

The end.

Have a great week ahead.