Buy Less, Want Less

This was one of my goals in 2016 which I was able to successfully accomplish. I did not ban myself from shopping. I was just more mindful of my purchases. Besides, generally, I am not an impulsive buyer because I easily get frustrated especially when trying out clothes that I like but don’t fit hahaha!

However, I had my fair share of moments in the past where I bought things in the hopes that these will fit me after a month. As if. Of course it did not happen so those things go to the someday, maybe pile. And I don’t want to add to this pile anymore, hence this goal.

How did I do it?

In February 2016, I listed down every single clothing I own. I then set aside those that I cannot or don’t see myself using in the future and gave them away to my family. I had a hard time letting go to be honest, but I really wanted to purge so I just closed my eyes and dumped them in the “To be given away” bag.

I also assessed how many pieces of items I really NEED for each category. For instance, how many office blouses and pants must I own given my nature of work and work schedule? If I have x blouses, will I still have something to wear during the days I can’t do laundry because work is busier than usual or my social life was suddenly activated, hence no time during the weekends which I usually use for domestic chores? Do I really need more than 10 pairs of socks? How many casual shirts do I actually own? Do I need more? Do I need to give some away?

I did that exercise for maybe a week during my free time.The final output was a tally of how many I should have, how many I currently own, how many more do I need to buy or how many excess do I have and how many are in my someday, maybe pile and this includes those that fit in the past hehehehe. After all the tallying, while I lack a few items to complete my projected numbers, there are still a lot of items in the maybe, someday pile. And also, how in hell did I accumulate so many pairs of socks?!!!! Hahaha!


My inventory of the things I own as of February 2016.

I saved the stats in my phone. From then on, every time I want something, I check the stats first to see if I still lack items for that category. Most of the time, this curbed my impulse to just buy, especially if I see dismal numbers under “pile”. It also did not fail to remind me that I had enough stuff and no need to buy more. Once or twice though, I have to admit, I think I hoarded some shirts but simply because some of my current shirts already need replacements.

I need to update that file now since I think I still gave away a few pieces after February. I also now need to check the things I currently use, especially my office outfits, to make sure that these are still in good condition, colors included.

I also need to do this exercise again in case there are items I am now willing to let go.

I will continue doing this until I am able to fit everything in 1 panel of the cabinet in the apartment. But to be able to have everything in that 1 panel, I should really work hard in shrinking my body so that those under “pile” will be put to use again. I still refuse to give them away because these were favorite shirts and blouses when I was slimmer hahaha!

Aside from helping me purge stuff that I don’t anymore need, I also realized that at least I am not too attached to my things and that I can easily let go of them. I don’t even remember the items I gave away. I just get reminded when I see them worn by my sisters or my aunt. Hehehe.