January 9-15, 2017


Workload now is a continuation of last year’s projects so at least there are things to do at the start of the year.

Personal Tasks Completed

  • Write the year end reviews of my 2016 goals and 2016 Financial goals
  • Reflect and write about my 2017 goals
  • Deposit payment for all¬†things I need to pay. One bank account is BPI and the other is Security Bank for my niece’s tuition so I can’t do online banking. Boo.
  • Buy the book 4 Disciplines of Execution. This is required by my boss as mandated by higher management. This will be our guide in doing things this 2017. One of the projects I will handle this year is actually based on the concepts from this book.


I purposefully did not plan anything this weekend so this was my first real break after the holidays.

I used the time for some Bejeweled type games on my phone, and domestic chores like laundry and mending some clothes. I also fixed the layout of some posts that were distorted when I migrated to my own domain. There are still a few posts to fix.

I am going down in the next 2 weekends so I purchased my tickets at Victory Liner using their online reservation. This is good news for me. While there’s an additional charge because you are required to pick a seat, and not all schedules are available online, this is still better especially for trips that are planned way ahead of time.

I just went out on Sunday to attend the last evening mass.

While it was uneventful and I don’t have interesting stories, my wallet and I are happy because I was able to cut costs hehehe.

Winding down now while watching What to Expect When You Are Expecting on Channel 2 hehehe.

Have a great week ahead.