Before I forget all about my year end updates for my 2016 goals, here it goes.

Just like what most companies do where they have regular business reviews, I also like to have at least a mid-year and year-end review of the goals I made early this year, just to check how I am doing and ensure that I am still on track.

This year’s focus will be: chill, family, health, wealth.


  • Completed! – as in done/finished
  • On track – met as of time of review
  • Not yet started – not yet started as of time of review
  • Quite – met but there were deviations
  • Not met – target not met
  1. Chill
    • Mid: Quite – There were stressful moments but I just kept quiet and pushed myself to just do whatever it is that needs to be done.
    • End: Quite – It was more stressful at work when the 2nd half of the year rolled in so my patience and grace under pressure was really challenged. The good news is, I survived!!!!  😀 😀 😛
  2. Buy less, want less
    • Mid: On track – All items bought were needed.
    • End: On track – While I think I went overboard with shoes last year, I still did not overdo it, that’s for sure.
  3. Stick with financial budget for 2016. I made a new list specifically for my financial goals after posting my 2016 goals in January. I just feel that it’s more effective and more inspiring for me if I track my financial goals separately.
    • Mid: Separate update here.
    • End: Separate update to follow.
  4. Get additional income stream
    • Mid: Not yet started
    • End: Quite – I tried something recently but I’ll still see how it goes.
  5. Spend more time with family
    • Mid: Quite – Spent some time with some siblings last Feb, to support my brother and his family since he lost his mother-in-law. Had a picnic at Burnham Park on Easter Sunday for my birthday celebration with family. No event in Q2.
    • End: Completed! – there were meet ups during the 2nd half, plus we siblings all made the effort to at least spend time especially during the holidays.
  6. Get down to my ideal weight
    • Mid: Negative. Pfffft!
    • End: Negative. Another pfftttt! Admittedly, I excessively ate all kinds of junks especially during those stressful months at work.
  7. Start training for a marathon
    • Mid: I am not sure about this anymore.
    • End: I am still not sure about this at this time.
  8. Push with Japan Travel
    • Mid: On track – Return tickets bought, accommodations booked.
    • End: Completed! – read all about our Japan adventures here
  9. Go back to school
    • Mid: Not yet started – Still undecided.
    • End: Not met – Things got crazy at work and that time, I thought that it was a wise decision to not take on too much as my stress levels were at its highest.
  10. Become an early riser
    • Mid: Quite – I have been forcing myself to sleep earlier in recent weeks so that I can wake up earlier. I try as much as I can to sleep by 12 AM, 1 AM at the most so that I can wake up at 7 AM, after 6-7 hours of sleep.
    • End: Quite – It really depends on what time I finish at work.
  11. Journal more
    • Mid: On track – My total posts to date are already more than my total posts for the whole year at least for the past 5 years.
    • End: Completed! – The fact that I completed my monthly updates for 52 weeks was already a guarantee that I was able to meet this.


4/11 – completed/on track

4/11 – quite

3/11 – not met

Thank you, 2016. Looking forward to my adventures for 2017.