November 7-13, 2016

Nothing much this week. Still working on the same project that’s as always stressing me out because it’s taking longer than expected. But at least we’re moving on to the next step tomorrow, Monday so that’s a big progress.


I just stayed home and did some cleaning and a little fixing. And mostly to bum. I woke up with a stiff neck which is still persistent until now. I don’t know how I even got it. Baka sa sobrang bigat ko na hahaha.

I went to mass on Sunday and then grocery after. I ran out of coffee and some cousins will be dropping by tomorrow so need to stock up on something they can eat. I also cooked giniling for meals next week. Ok na yun kahit paulit-ulit hehehe. Sa tamad kong ito, ako pa ba ang papaka-choosy? Hahaha!

I have one mission this week. I saw a bubuwit running around the apartment. I need to catch it. Grrr. I already bought a fly-catcher paper which can also be used for rats. Sana mahuli. Susko san kaya dumaan yun?!

I was supposed to transfer the zeezee plant (eternity plant) because it’s been growing bigger and more stems are sprouting. However, the soil I brought from Baguio isn’t enough to fill the bigger pot. Need to bring more at the end of ths month. Ang mahal kasi ng lupa sa mga tindahan. So sa Baguio na lang talaga ako kumukuha para libre hehehe.

And that’s it. Have a good week ahead.