October 24-30, 2016

It feels like this week happened many months ago! Hehe.


I did not go home on a Friday evening for the long break because on Saturday, I and a friend met with another friend who will be leaving for the US in mid-November. Her papers are approved and so fly fly she goes. I will miss her because she’s one of my constant weekend buddies especially of late but I’m happy that her dreams of working in the US is now almost a reality. Almost, because she still has a lot of paper works to do once she lands there. But I pray that everything will fall into place for her. She deserves it all because she worked so hard for these things to happen.

Anyway, since she’s the one leaving, I asked her to decide how she wants to spend the day. And so, first order of the day was lunch at Todd English Food Hall at SM Aura.


Ganda ng plate!


Our putok batok meal – beef steak and bone marrow

We walked around the rooftop garden. The sun was scorching hot but it was breezy enough so we stayed there for a while and be amazed of how SM was able to build a garden on top of a building. I even saw some plants that I want for my own garden.


Contemporary art at SM Aura’s rooftop.


I want this for my own garden. It’s a bush (?) which can serve as a fence.

We passed by Paul and we decided to have some tea and dessert. Di kami matakaw. We just love to eat 😛 .


Paul’s place mat


I ordered their tea set which has macaroons, chocolate cake, creme brulee and a pot of tea which contains around 3 cups. All yummy!

Nail spa is also expensive in the US so she wants to have the works before she leaves. We went to Shaw 500 Zentrum because there’s a branch of Posh Nails there and based from experience, there are fewer people there. However, when we got there, another salon is occupying the space! Good thing it was also a nail spa so we just tried their services. While they are more expensive than Posh Nails, the staff were very attentive to our needs so the first experience was good. They also serve tea or wine! We opted for the wine hehehe.

When we parted, I went to Pioneer Center for some groceries so that I have something to eat when I get back from the long break.

I went home to Baguio on Sunday early morning. I was not able to sleep in the bus for some reason so half day of Sunday was spent sleeping. I went out mid-afternoon to attend mass and went to SM (in Baguio and SM again? Hehe) for some groceries and dinner. That was my first meal for that day. Wala talagang pagkain sa bahay ko kasi. Went home again and slept some more.


Tried Pancake House’s mac and cheese with bacon!

Bon voyage, my friend! See you at the crossroads! Or better yet, see in the US!

Hope you are all having a great week.