October 17-23, 2016

Food trip yet again  😛 .


We attended PMI’s technical session last October 18, 2016. It was all about project procurement so the focus was on request for information (RFI) and request for proposal (RFP). I have learned a lot in terms of vendor selection. That was one of the sessions I’ve enjoyed so far.

I also learned that mahi-mahi is a kind of fish hehehehe. It’s one of the food they served. I still prefer salmon though. And I loved the dessert.


Mahi-mahi with grilled vegetables. And I love the plain white plate.


Nougatine Parfait for dessert. Yummy!


I started my household chores on Friday night. Sinipag ako hehehe. And continued it on Saturday. But there was one thing I wasn’t able to do though – clean the bathroom. I got tired after ironing hehehe. No, actually, I got lazy and I wanted to re-read a book for a change – Double Standards by Judith McNaught.

I also tried the cheese ramen a friend bought for me last week. It was not too spicy as I was afraid of. It contains the usual for a noodle plus cheese powder. That makes it cheese ramen hehehe.

Cheese ramen!

Cheese ramen!

On Sunday, we went to National Museum. Entrance is already free! We finished one floor in 2.5 hours. 2.5 hours! Well, we took our time appreciating and getting amazed at all the paintings, especially those that are more than a century old! We decided to just go back some other time for the other floors because it was almost 3 PM and we were already hungry. Also, it was getting crowded and noisy  😛 .


Entrance. You need to register and leave your things at the package counter.


Creative door handle.

Spolarium. I had to wait for a few minutes for people to leave before I was able to take this picture.Spolarium. I had to wait for a few minutes for people to leave before I was able to take this picture.


Cherry blossoms by Antonio Luna


Entitled “The Burning of Manila” by Fernando Amorsolo. 1942/Oil on masonite.

We went to Binondo for some dimsum. Our target was President. When we reached Ongpin, we saw a President Grand Palace Restaurant and in we went. The place was big but there were a few diners maybe because it was already past lunch time. Unfortunately, we did not enjoy our lunch. The waitress was recommending dishes without giving us time to at least scan their menu. Plus, the place felt lonely. And they don’t serve dimsum, which was very surprising. And we paid much for an ordinary tasting food.

After lunch, we went to take a quick look at Divisoria. I’m just curious as to how it looks now. We did not reach the middle. We just stopped at one street and peeked. I’m not sure what street this was hehe. Well, there were no vendors in the middle of the streets. But there are still vendors at the sidewalk. At least the street is now used by vehicles.

We went back to Ongpin to check out the fruits. A little expensive but they look juicy and fresh.

We also dropped by Eng Bee Tin for some hopia. They have a new product. We’ll I’m not sure if this is new but it was my first time to see it. It’s the golden pork floss hopia. The hopia filling is pork floss. Yummy! But I think the size is small hihihi.


Golden pork floss hopia. Php240 per box with 12 pieces of hopia. The one wrapped in plastic is its actual content.

While we were in one of the side streets in Ongpin, we saw President TEA HOUSE! Susko. It should have been TEA HOUSE. TEA HOUSE. Ok. Since we were still craving for dimsum, we went inside. I asked the waitress if this place has the same owner as that other restaurant. No daw. Well, it’s deceiving because their signage has the same font. I’m not sure who copied who. Anyway, we just ordered Japanese siomai, radish cake and matchang to satisfy our dimsum cravings. And milk tea. We stayed there for more than an hour and savored every bit of our meal. At last! Solved na ang dinner.


Radish cake


Japanese siomai

I needed to buy 3-in-1 coffee so we dropped by a Chinese supermarket to check out even though most that we saw from the outside were Chinese products. Meron naman. And my friend was able to buy a dried mushroom that she was looking for for the longest time. Happiness.

On another note, I just finished my 30-day blog challenge. Let me just say that it’s really challenging to write about stuff that you know nothing about or that you are not passionate about hehehe. But it was also a nice exercise for the mind.

And that’s it. Have a great week ahead.