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Day 17: Your highs and lows of this past year

Hmmm highs and lows for the past year…so from October 2015 to October 2016.

Ok, highs first.

  1. Spending Christmas and New year with family and friends
  2. Celebrating with a friend who got married last January
  3. Celebrating 1 year of being in a relationship with the BF
  4. Celebrating together for my and the BF’s birthday and seeing how happy and surprised he was with my gift.
  5. Spending quality time together with the BF no matter how seldom
  6. Settling differences with the BF and both still wanting to stay together no matter how many bumps there are. I am thankful that there aren’t too many but bumps are bumps no matter what.
  7. Getting a raise at work. Never mind that it’s small. Still thankful for that because hello bigger 13th month pay hehe.
  8. Deploying the project that we’ve been working on for the past years. The end has come at last. It was officially closed last September 27.
  9. Proving for the nth time that prayers work and that God’s plan and timing are the best.
  10. Completion of lot payment
  11. Completion of insurance premiums and diverting budget to new investments
  12. Acceptance that parents are really gone now but they will stay forever in my heart.


  1. Being in a crossroad last May. I was restless and confused about a lot of things and getting impatient about specific aspects in my life. But a sincere prayer requesting the Lord to calm and guide me fixed it.
  2. One of the systems had a bug and had to be shutdown for a while while we do the fix. But it was something that we had to do quickly and so it required extended work hours including weekends.
  3. I am a little sad and jealous about something but I just prayed about it. Hopefully it will be granted no matter how bleak it looks like right now.

Fewer lows. Life is treating me good. Thank you, Lord.