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** For October 5, 2016 **

Day 15: Write 15 interesting facts about yourself

It may not be interesting but still all about myself  😛  😀 .

  1. I am a very impatient person hehe. Twice or 3 times should be enough in repeating instructions. When it’s more than that, I start to get pissed. It’s something I need to work on, especially at work.
  2. I am a jeans-shirt-rubber shoes type of person. I am not used to skirts or dresses. In the past, I only wear dresses during our year end parties. In relation to this…
  3. I get stressed when during parties or any events that need dressing up because 1) I hate to shop for clothes especially if I need to follow a theme/motif; 2) I don’t know how to do my make up; 3) I always wonder if I am overdressed or under-dressed.
  4. I took up Computer Science because DOST required us to take a science and/or technology related course, and so that I will learn something that’s different from our livelihood which is agriculture.
  5. I had my first boyfriend few months after I turned 36. But if my destiny still is to grow old alone, I’m fine with it. But hopefully, that won’t be the case.
  6. I don’t do any sport.
  7. I seldom watch TV now.
  8. Cooking doesn’t love me and the feeling is mutual hehe. I sometimes cook to survive but the passion to perfect a recipe is not there. I resort to recipes online when I need to cook.
  9. I can stay at home and do nothing all day but play games and I’ll be fine.
  10. I can stay the whole day at the mall and visit all the shops and come out empty handed and I feel fine. I am not the type who feels the need to buy something when in a mall.
  11. I like shoes then bags more than clothes. But I still don’t overdo with the shoe shopping because those that I like are expensive hehehe.
  12. I procrastinate a lot and then feel bad after. Need to work on this.
  13. I am using the same budget file in Excel since 2005. I just update and/or add as needed.
  14. In the 16 years that I am in Manila, I changed boarding house/apartment 7 times.
  15. I still want a business that’s related to agriculture.
  16. If it’s not too long and tiring to travel to Baguio, I’ll be going home every weekend because I want to grow some vegetables for home consumption.
  17. I sometimes wonder at what age I’ll die and how.
  18. I seldom post in Facebook. Most of my photos are uploaded by friends where I’m tagged. I try to at least upload a few now though, because it’s nice to be reminded of these things years down the road.
  19. I like romance and personal finance books. I get sleepy when I read other genre hehehe.
  20. I can temporarily shut off my emotions when I feel that it will interfere with looking at things objectively.
  21. I always believed that I can make my life better even if I’m in the Philippines. Migrating abroad is not really one of my coveted goals. But I’m not closing my doors of course.
  22. I am a “follow the rules” type of person even in the simplest things like standing on the right when you’re in an escalator. I feel uncomfortable when I’m with people who sometimes don’t and their justification is that they’re doing it just this once.
  23. When I was in elementary, I always imagined my mother having a sari-sari store. I even thought who our potential customers will be since our house is a little far from other houses. In 2005, someone rented out their sari-sari store space. My mom asked me to lend her the capital. It has become her source of income until she passed away.
  24. A month after I graduated, I met a classmate in town and told me she was going down to Manila to look for a job. I asked if I can tag along. She agreed. After two weeks of searching, we landed our first job. I was going home to Tagaytay (SIL’s home) from the time I started job hunting until the first month. When I received my very first paycheck, I looked for a bed space to rent. Luckily, I was able to find one that’s walking distance to the office hehe.
  25. I don’t do something if I don’t feel really comfortable about it and so I’m not really a risk taker. In general, it turns out ok but sometimes, I also think of what ifs.

And it’s more than 15 as a result of being stuck in traffic hehehehe.