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** For October 3, 2016 **

Day 13: Somewhere you’d like to move or visit

More of visit. And since it’s free to dream, so I’d like to set foot in all the provinces in the Philippines and all the continents of the world. But more specifically, and in no particular order:

  1. Puerto Princesa and El Nido, Palawan – 2 cancelled trips due to valid reasons. I’m reserving these two places for an occassion now. Let’s see if I’m lucky the third time I book hehe.
  2. Batanes!!!!
  3. Lake Sebu
  4. General Santos
  5. Siargao
  6. Dumaguete and Capiz – together because I think you can do this, and maybe other nearby provinces in one visit.
  7. California, USA – I want to visit my aunt (my father’s sister) and her family, and Googleplex.
  8. Redmond, Washington – visit Microsoft headquarters
  9. Denver, Colorado – when I was in high school, an acquaintance mentioned that she was able to watch a documentary of the Word Youth Day events around the world and what she liked the most was the one in Denver, Colorado because it happened in the mountains. I have been curious since then.
  10. New York – to see the city that never sleeps, and maybe watch a paly or 2.
  11. Florida – to visit my company’s main office? Hahaha. And of course, Disneyland Florida if I am with kids.
  12. Canada – to visit relatives
  13. Brazil
  14. Machu Picchu, Peru
  15. Mexico – I have seen beautiful pictures of this country and I’d like to experience it.
  16. Backpacking in Europe – do all the touristy stuff in Europe. Special mention to visiting vineyards, checking out the gardens where the tulips bloom, visiting all museums, the gondola ride, day and night times in Paris, attending a papal mass at the Vatican, look for a labyrinth and do the walk, and taste all kinds of cheese! 😀
  17. New Zealand – if I want to migrate, this may be my option because of its laid back lifestyle.
  18. Australia – to experience how it is to be at the land down under? Hehehe.
  19. Japan during cherry blossoms – aside from the fact that I want to go back to Japan, I also want to experience the cherry blossoms!
  20. Brunei
  21. Antarctica – to complete the 7 continents hehehe.
  22. Alaska – I was intrigued after watching the movie The Proposal.
  23. South Korea – a friend who worked there for 6 years was climbing the mountains every free time she gets. Her pictures along the trails and the summits were all beautiful. Another friend climbed one mountain in December and she enjoyed it and wanted to climb more hehehe. I had to give up 2 SK trips in the past due to budget constraints. Hopefully the next time we book, it will already push through.
  24. Cambodia and Thailand
  25. Bhutan  – I’ve seen some itineraries of this lately and they’re now starting to open up to tourists.
  26. Safari Tour
  27. Maldives!
  28. Spain
  29. All the countries when doing a Holy Land pilgrimage. So, might as well do a Holy Land pilgrimage.
  30. Taiwan and Thailand

Long list. I hope to at least visit some of these places. I know I can for some, but hopefully, more than what I expect hehehe. Kayod pa para sa bulakbol  😛 .