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Day 04: Your views on religion

One word: RESPECT

Respect for each one’s religious beliefs and affiliation. We each have our reasons why we choose our own religious groups. We belong to a specific group because it is where we found the spiritual nourishment and sustenance that we are clamoring for. No need to force anyone to join your religious group. That is a personal choice. You can share your views, yes, but never force. Worst, don’t be too passionate in destroying other religious groups. Check your own backyard first. If you want to give feedback, do it constructively. Also, never ever claim that your religious affiliation is the only one that should be here. All religions are ruled by humans. All humans err. In this line of thought, no religion is perfect then.

The above paragraph has a lot of hugot of course hehehe.

I have friends with different religious affiliations. But we mutually understand that it is our own preference. I am also open to attending their religious rites if I have to (ex. Christian weddings) but please spare me and don’t force me to convert. I am ok with my current one, flaws and all.

But instead of focusing on religion, I’d rather focus on my faith in God and continue working on my personal relationship with Him. At the end of the day, it is this faith that keeps us going, nothing else.

So, that’s my shortest answer. I’m not even sure if I answered the topic but those are what comes to mind when I hear or read religion. I am not also an expert on the field so I’d rather keep this short and personal.